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AranMS Update v0.9 | Posted by Aran on 09.08

AranMS Update v0.9!

New PvP Queue feature:
Players no longer have to wait in the pvp arena for others to enter. The Battle Square pvp system will announce whenever somebody joins the queue and will allow other players, regardless of where they are, to join the fight.
You can join the pvp queue through 3 different methods: Battle Square (Crawlson), @pvp command and through hunter portals.

New Vote Points store
You can now trade your vote points for Gallant Emblems and other goodies through the QuickMove button. More items will be added after further testing. We're open to suggestions!

New PvP Ranking
The website's Ranking tab has been updated.  Rewards: Discord ranks, Medals, in-game buffs.

-Fixed resistance job advancements
-Added dual blade job advancement drops and fixed pvp maps.
-Fixed Cygnus job advancements. (After killing cygnus in the 4th job adv teleport back to get it)
-Enabled channels 3 through 10
-Cannon auto job advancement
-Kanna auto job advancement
-Added mech drops
-Mob rate has been increased
-Beast tamer fixed
-Cygnus Knigths will get Maple Warrior equivalent at lvl 110 maxed


Maps changed from PvP to PvE:
Fairy Forest: Advent of the Great Spirit
Fairy Forest: Elluel
Fairy Forest: King's Seat
Kerning City Subway: Subway Ticketing Booth
Hidden Street : Train in Repair (kerning city subway)
Hidden Street : Marble Room (Dual Blade quest)
hidden street: nearby edelstein park fountain 1 (DA/DS)
Hidden Street : Alternate Edelstein Park (DA/DS)
Hidden Street : Innerscape (DA 4th job)
Root Abyss
Scrapyard Haven Town
Coco Island Bedroom (Cannon)
Singapore : Boat Quay Town (Town)
All Singapore ; Mysterious Path x (Lots of mobs!)
Swamp Region: Dangerous Croco (all swamp region,DB quest)
951000000 - Monster Park : Monster Park (town only, too many maps for now)
All Black Heaven Inside core (lotus?)
Hidden Street: Limbert's General Store (some job's adv)
Hidden Street :  Free Market Entrance (FM and 1 to 10)
Kerning City Subway: Along the railway (job adv)


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