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AranMS Update v0.6 | Posted by Aran on 08.17

A huge update has been done which makes the game much more stable and fun!

-Party Play: Inviting friends to your party will make your attacks ignore them as possible targets, allowing you to deal all your damage to your enemies without worrying about hurting your allies.
-Battle Points System: You will now gain points for every attack you land on an enemy player, anywhere. You will be able to redeem your Battle Points for Gallant Emblems which can be used to purchase equips, scrolls and cubes! These Battle Points will also be used in an upcoming server score board that will give rewards periodically.

-PvP Rewards: Attacking players will now give you lots of experience.

-Job Advancement Maps: Many maps related to job advancing have been reverted into PvE so you can complete your quests. If you encounter any that might have been left please let me know.

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