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Version 176 [PVP]
Experience Rate: 8
Meso Rate: 2
Drop Rate: 2

AranMS is online! | Posted by Aran on 08.11

AranMS is now online for testing and bug hunting. We recently changed versions which took a long time to get the game up and running but now we're on the final stages.

All the necessary files have been uploaded so you can log in and play. 

New features:

Party Play: You can invite friends to your party even in PvP maps which will make your attacks ignore your friends and only hurt enemies. 

New gallant emblem currency system: You can now gain Battle Points by attacking other players either in the Battle Arena or outside. Gallant emblems are used to purcahse gear, scrolls and cubes.

Free teleport rock: You're given a teleport rock upon the creation of your character so you can teleport to the maps mentioned on the Training Guide in order to level up.

Bug fixes: A lot of bugs have been fixed. (Some job advancement quests are located on pvp maps so they may not be doable but just let me know the name of the map through Discord and I'll switch them back to PvE.)

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