Server Info

Version 176 [PVP]
Experience Rate: 8
Meso Rate: 2
Drop Rate: 2

Download Instructions

1) Download the following files and put them all in the same folder then run MSSetupv176.exe (switch browsers if any link gives you trouble)

2) Run MSSetup176.exe and follow the installation instructions.

3) Extract the following file and put its contents inside your MapleStory folder after it has finished installing.

4) Run AranMS.exe, rightclick the tray icon bottom right and press Play!

Note: Like all private servers, the AranMS.exe client may be flagged by your antivirus as dangerous. Adding the file/folder to your exceptions list is recommended.


Need help? You can now reach us through!



  • NGS Error: Restart your computer.
  • Replace the Black Cypher folder with the one from the google drive link. (it may get corrupted over time)