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Version 176 [PVP]
Experience Rate: 8
Meso Rate: 2
Drop Rate: 2

Rankings »

Rank Name Score
1 Blazerrr 178
2 Souly 5
3 NoLukBishop 5

AranMS Update

New PvP Queue feature:
Players no longer have to wait in the pvp arena for others to enter. The Battle Square pvp system will announce whenever somebody joins the queue and will allow other players, regardless of where they are, to join the fight.
You can join the pvp queue through 3 different methods: Battle Square (Crawlson), @pvp command and through hunter portals.

New Vote Points Store
You can now trade your vote points for Gallant Emblems and other goodies through the QuickMove button. More items will be added after further testing. We're open to suggestions!

New PvP Ranking
The Ranking tab has been updated.  Rewards: Discord ranks, Medals, in-game bonuses. Check the event post for more details!

To learn more join our discord: